The Learning Leaders Conference

The premier event for learning leaders, is moving online for five energizing days, packed with thought-provoking sessions diving into the issues facing today’s learning leaders in our rapidly changing world. We’ll be deeply engaged in a wide variety of discussions and experiences examining the strategies, skills, and solutions that matter most to our work and the organizations we serve.

Stay tuned for more information about the 2022 event taking place November 6 – 9 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, Florida.

Thank You!

Thank you to all the attendees, speakers, and exhibitors that made Learning 2021 Online such an amazing event! Save the date for Learning 2022 happening November 6 – 9 at Disney’s Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, FL.

Your Virtual Roadmap


Experience Learning 2021 from home with access to live sessions, additional on-demand recorded content, networking activities, and more.

5 General Sessions

Find inspiration, explore new viewpoints, and gain renewed motivation with five powerful general sessions led by experienced learning leaders and CLOs.

A Platform for You

Our innovative platform enables you to connect and learn with others in a variety of ways, putting the most important part of a Learning 2021 Online—the people—front and center.


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Full Session Agenda

Explore the rich program of sessions, featuring speakers from leading organizations worldwide. Our agenda offers descriptions of each session to help you plan your Learning 2021 experience. Take a deep dive into case studies, learning journeys, or the latest learning research. A rich mix of themes and session types might be just the ticket!

Learning 2021 Themes

Each year we explore the topics and themes that matter most to learning leaders and the organizations they support. Here are a few of the themes we’ll be exploring this fall.

The Learning Event has always provided the connections, guidance, and answers learning leaders need to succeed and thrive through periods of change. This year we embrace and amplify that focus.

For many organizations, learning has never been more important than it is right now. Discover the strategies and proven practices that learning leaders are using to meet today’s challenges.

The impact of COVID-19 will affect how we live, work, and play long after the pandemic is over. Gain guidance on how to lead your organization into the new world of work.

Discover ways to support what has quickly become one of the most urgent and growing needs learning organizations must address.

Examine how to pivot your blended learning approaches to incorporate new office environments and increased remote work

Understanding and sharing the feelings of others is a critical part of effective learning leadership, and Learning 2021 will be exploring how to put that empathy into practice.

The Learning event has always found ways to support charities and social causes, and we look to enhance that through our association with The Learning Guild’s Guild for Good Program.

Technology continues to advance and create new opportunities for learning and performance. Explore the intersection of learning and technology via unique experiences throughout the event.

Learning 2021 continues to place a spotlight on the strategies women and their organizations can apply to address the unique challenges women in learning face in their careers.

Emerging technologies are enabling new and immersive experiences. Discover the new doors that these experiences are opening for learning.

Examine the latest research into learning and performance, and learn from experts who will distill the insights into practices you can apply right away.

Automation is a driving force of the future of work. Learn how Artificial Intelligence, Robots, and other technologies are affecting the workforce, and what that means for learning.

Learning often takes the form of someone doing the work to solve a problem on their own. Discover how to support a world where learning is increasingly self-service and integrated into everyday activities.

The promise of true personalized learning is closer than ever. Discover the technologies that are powering this paradigm and how to apply them in your work.

The disruptions of the pandemic placed a spotlight on how important human connections are. Learn how to support these connections as you engage in social activities throughout Learning 2021.

Advancements in data and analytics provide us with a better understanding of human performance than ever before. Learn how to harness this power in your own learning strategies.

Mental health is a growing focus for many organizations, and today’s learning leaders need to ensure that focus also applies to our approaches to learning.

The last few years have accelerated conversations on diversity, equity, and inclusion around the globe. Learning 2021 hosts important sessions exploring L&D’s role in supporting DEI efforts.

Brain science and other learning-centered sciences are extremely popular buzzwords in L&D. Examine the facts, and the fiction, around how the science of learning can inform your work.

Learning should also be fun, and that has always been a core tenant of the Learning event. Learning 2021 will continue that trend, with experiences that entertain and educate, helping you build skills, relationships, and memories that will last a lifetime.


Learning 2021 Themes

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