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252 An Examination of Learners’ Perceptions of Simulation-Based Learning

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PT
Tuesday, November 16

Simulation is increasingly being integrated into professional and technical education; however, there is little research into learners’ perceptions of this learning modality. Since VA National SimLEARN Center trains hundreds of learners yearly through its simulated educational courses, we studied learners’ perceptions of simulation-based learning with the intention of informing the ways that simulation is developed and applied to support training and practical application at various VA medical facilities. In this session, we will explore what we’ve learned.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The elements and benefits of simulation-based education & training
  • Evidence-based impacts, if any, simulation education has on learners
  • Considerations for conducting self-assessment of simulation-based learning and ways to limit biases on the collected data

Nancy Wong

Simulation Researcher

Veteran Health Administration

Dr. Nancy Wong works with the Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Simulation, Learning, Education, Innovation and Research (SimLEARN). She earned her PhD in public health and international relations while serving the USAF. Nancy has conducted multiple research collaborations with international stakeholders, including WHO, CDC, multiple Ministries of Health and foreign academics. Her population-based research has primarily focused on the tropical regions. She plans to enrich and expand simulation research elements to VHA healthcare workers and ultimately enhance, improve, and modernize VHA health care delivery to our veteran populations.