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541 Calming the Chaos: L&D’s Role in Managing Change

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PT
Friday, November 19

All creatures, including humans, experience specific biological reactions during a state of change. And, change is bound to happen; it’s happening all the time. We believe that most companies’ change management practices are missing something critical: the neuroscience behind the reaction. We challenge you, as learning leaders, to step up. In this discussion, we’ll talk about two things that make L&D professionals the best at “calming the chaos.” Learning professionals have been trained to talk with people, and we are innately solution-focused. The intentional drive to find alignment between business goals and individual needs is an asset during moments of change. We’ll explore how humans react to change and the benefits of agile decision-making, just-in-time resources, and frequent communication in managing through change.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What constitutes as change and how humans react in change
  • The benefits of bite-sized, on-demand learning resources in a changing environment
  • The importance of authentic communication, agility, and iterative learning to drive your L&D strategy

Maggie Redling

Learning & Development Lead


Maggie Redling (she/her/hers) is a learning and development lead at Nylas and she runs Wrestling With Talent with Coleman WIlliams. Maggie knew from a young age that learning was her calling. She was the young girl always playing teacher and, while her students have changed from stuffed animals to employees, her motivation to help others see potential in themselves hasn’t. Maggie’s research-minded brain helps teams choose the right intervention at the right time while her positivity allows her to build quick and meaningful relationships.

Coleman Williams

Director of Learning & Development


Coleman (he/him/his) is a director of learning and development at Booster. He started his career teaching high school students about business and has since found his passion for helping an organization focus on the future and build a learning culture. It is his role to develop, fine-tune, and implement talent processes and tools to align with business strategy and improve employee experiences. And, in 2020, he joined forces with his tag-team partner, Maggie Redling, to open the doors of Wrestling With Talent.