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431 Creating a Collaborative Company

10:00 AM - 10:45 AM PT
Thursday, November 18

As remote and hybrid work become more the norm than the exception, keeping the workforce connected, engaged, and information flowing is paramount. Yet a Gartner report revealed that 80% of organizational social initiatives fail, and a recent study in Nature concluded that remote work is leading to an increase in knowledge silos which are putting organizations at long-term risk in critical areas such as creativity and innovation. Is this just the new normal, or are there ways to learn from past mistakes in fostering collaboration? Can we bring a new approach to enhancing connection in the new world of work?

In this session, we’ll examine the current approaches to enhancing social behavior, and how and why they fall flat. You’ll learn why L&D should be out front in the effort, and the real role of management and technology in creating greater collaboration. We’ll explore the greater psychological and sociological barriers at play, how to reveal the often invisible impact of organizational design, and various ways to leverage and contextualize social by design approaches in your own organization.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The true value of enterprise social technology
  • The role of management in encouraging social behavior
  • Psychological and sociological barriers to connection in organization
  • The impact of organizational design on establishing a learning organization
  • Social By Design principles and practices

Mark Britz

Director of Event Programming

The Learning Guild

Mark Britz is the director of event programming at The Learning Guild. Previously he worked for more than 15 years designing and managing learning solutions with organizations such as Smartforce, Pearson Digital Learning, the SUNY Research Foundation, Aspen Dental Management, and Systems Made Simple. Mark is also an organizational social designer, helping businesses achieve the benefits of becoming more connected and collaborative to improve learning and engagement. Mark is the author of Social By Design: How to create and scale a collaborative company, and regularly presents and writes about the use of social media for learning, collaborative networks, and organizational design.