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542 Developing Courageous Leaders

11:00 AM - 11:45 AM PT
Friday, November 19

Courageous leaders do the right thing at the right time, all the while inspiring the trust of the teams they lead. Too often, though, leaders do not feel psychologically safe enough to speak their mind, try something new, or make unpopular decisions, fearing consequences that could stall their careers. This presentation focuses on sharing tips and tools that will help participants become courageous leaders. The healthcare environment offers many opportunities to establish psychological safety, and leaders are given that responsibility. A psychologically safe environment is one where everyone understands that their voices are heard; leaders are able to drive change with a trusting workforce. Participants will leave this session with a new understanding of communication, listening, psychological safety, defining courage, and developing trusted relationships, as well as an appreciation of the integration of courage and psychological safety. You’ll have more confidence to communicate unpopular messages, lead change, and create psychological safety while exercising the behaviors of a courageous leader.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Strategies for communicating unpopular messages and leading change in a courageous manner
  • The importance of integrating psychological safety and courage for leadership success
  • Techniques for creating psychological safety and trust in teams and leaders of teams

Jill Carter

Director, Leadership and Organizational Development

Intermountain Healthcare

Jill E. Carter is the director of leadership and organizational development for Intermountain Healthcare. Prior to joining Intermountain Healthcare 4 years ago, Jill was the director of human resources for Dominion Energy, and she served as the CEO and principal consultant of Carter Consulting in HR for 35+ years. Jill’s areas of expertise include leadership development; leadership and organizational change; diversity, equity, and inclusion; organizational dynamics; employee engagement; collaborative problem solving; and total rewards. Jill is a learner at heart and loves people!