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552 Forward Fast: 6 Trends Shaping Corporate Learning

12:00 PM - 12:45 PM PT
Friday, November 19

Business leaders operate in an increasingly complex environment where there’s a constant need to develop new skills and identify new talent. Learning and development initiatives are an essential component of an adaptive workforce. In this session, we will explore six trends that are shaping corporate learning, reskilling, and upskilling efforts, and accelerating business transformation. We will examine two prominent companies that have successfully followed these trends to reimagine their flagship learning journeys. And we will do a deep dive on what a journey to maturity entails for L&D organizations and the pathways that corporations and institutions take to achieve a refined strategy and a sophisticated learning organization with high-quality offerings.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Strategies to reimagine and reshape learning journeys and offerings in a complex business environment
  • Practical tips to translate business strategies into learning objectives and KPIs
  • Steps on a journey to maturity for any learning organization

Gloria Tam

Director, BCG U

Boston Consulting Group

Gloria Tam, PhD, is the director of Boston Consulting Group. She oversees the strategy, development, and implementation of BCG’s professional learning offering. Gloria’s expertise is on learning innovation and the science of learning, where she combines ed tech and the latest in cognitive science and impact measurement to create learning journeys and upskilling initiatives that transform organizations and individuals and make behaviors stick. She is also a columnist and content contributor to the World Economic Forum Blog and†Forbes, and she presents her learning thought leadership as a speaker and writer. Previously, Gloria was the managing director of professional learning innovation at Minerva Project, an education innovation startup based in San Francisco, as well as executive director at Yale School of Management, where she worked with Fortune 500 companies on learning portfolios involving leadership, consumer insights, innovation and lean operations mastery. She was also the head of global onboard learning at McKinsey & Co., leading a portfolio of digital and in-person learning initiatives for their 3,000 new hires per year. Prior to that, Gloria spent a decade as a business consultant, working with C-suites and institutional leaders on their business strategy and organization transformation journeys.