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512 How to Make the Case for Next-Gen Learning

8:00 AM - 8:45 AM PT
Friday, November 19

What’s the financial case for Next-Gen Learning? How can you convince your organization that it makes business sense to buy all that expensive software and hardware, and hire people with skillsets unfamiliar to the world of learning?

Influencing stakeholders and leadership to adopt new learning technologies can be challenging, but it’s a “must do” to keep your team relevant and your learning function up to date with the demands of our world. This interactive session provides you with a data-driven approach to help you showcase the financial benefits of new technologies to corporate education. After this session, you’ll be armed with the right data and strategies for when you’re next at the table with your organization’s leadership.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Effective ways to measure your learning output and value
  • How to calculate the financial advantages of innovation
  • Techniques for applying a data-driven approach to making strategic decisions
  • How to prototype a plan to invest in Next-Gen learning

Juan Naranjo

Senior Manager for Next-Gen Learning

Rogers Communication

Juan Naranjo MBA, CTDP, is the senior manager for Next-Gen Learning at Rogers Communications. The team blends the worlds of learning science and technology to advance the boundaries of what is possible in corporate education. He has also combined his knowledge of economics and management with adult education to produce innovative digital solutions that increase productivity and allow organizations to better assess the ROI of their learning and development departments.