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521 Learning & Strategic Workforce Planning: Prepare Today for Future Success

9:00 AM - 9:45 AM PT
Friday, November 19

An increased focus on upskilling, reskilling, and strategic workforce planning is shifting the way organizations think about traditional L&D offers. Rather than the ‘old way’ of in-person learning, attending conferences, and compliance-based trainings, we now see a demand to create holistic learning cultures. In this session, we will explore how the push to prioritize strategy and skill development align with a culture shift. I will explain how our empirically-based decision-making approach allows us to build a cohesive, global framework to ensure the upskilling and reskilling successes of hundreds of thousands of employees across the globe. We will unpack the many complexities of creating a well-oiled upskilling and reskilling venture, while keeping business strategy initiatives at the forefront.

In this session, you will learn:

  • How strategic workforce planning is shaping the future of learning and development
  • To create a global upskilling and reskilling framework that works on a local, granular level, as wells as how to manage and govern the creation of a global skills framework
  • About the many drivers that foster cultures of learning, even in the most complex companies and organizations

Bria Dimke

AllianzU Strategic Workforce Planning Learning Associate


Bria Dimke, focuses on strategic workforce planning, upskilling, reskilling, and the deployment of a new learning experience platform for Allianz’s more than 150,000 employees. A native of Fargo, ND, she obtained her BA from Concordia College in Moorhead, MN, majoring in psychology and medicine. After graduation, she created content for regional nonprofit organizations. In 2017 she moved to Munich to pursue an M.Sc. at Ludwig Maximilian University. While studying, she worked as a medical education researcher and co-authored a book on resiliency. She joined Allianz in 2019.