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Welcome to the Speaker Resource Page!

Welcome to the Speaker Resource Page! This is your one-stop-shop for all the information, dates, and guidelines you’ll need to get ready over the upcoming months. Here are some quick tips for getting started:

Preparing Your Session

Before you start putting together your presentation, take a look at the Preparing Your Session page for tips on the audience for Guild events, what kind of presentation people expect, how many people may attend your session, and more.


Session Materials

Whether you’re a first-time speaker or a seasoned professional, be sure to visit the Session Materials page for information on how sessions work at this event and tips on what we’ve seen resonate with our audiences.


Speaker Registration

If you’re the primary speaker for a session, you’re automatically given a full-conference registration and don’t need to do anything more. Co-presenters are given a substantially discounted registration rate. Co-presenters must register to access conference sessions and materials. For more details, review the Speaker Registration page.


Promoting Your Session

Promoting your session on social media is a great way to get more people interested in attending your session, and in sharing your excitement for Learning 2021. For tips and resources, you can use, visit the Promoting Your Session page. Promoting Your Session page.

We’re excited to have you as a speaker and look forward to seeing you at the conference! If you need information you can’t find here, feel free to reach out to the program team by emailing Learning2021@LearningGuild.com.